• Ruth Freeman

Feb 2020 NDC Meeting

New Dawn Chorus

Eight of us gathered one February weekend in 2020 for a time of going deeper with God. We talked, learned, worshipped and shared a meal together

We heard teaching on our names in heaven, our swords and just how important the link with heaven is. Without this link we cannot pray as effectively for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

We celebrated our differences and saw how strong these differences made the Body of Christ and saw how this extrapolated into the networking that comes with New Dawn Chorus.

If any Christian belongs to a network – a widespread part of the body, it forms a canopy over them.

This canopy contains other parts of the body within it and can therefore help other parts of the body of Christ to reach into the heavens and / or serve more effectively on earth.

This simple diagram was used to demonstrate the different aspects of church. Some which reached to the heavens but not to earth, some reached into the earth but with no heavenly connection, whilst others walked in isolation on earth, or in isolation in the heavens, and finally, the middle group who through God’s graciousness managed to reach in both directions.

This is what it means to be in the network of New Dawn Chorus.

You may be alone, or you may be alone in a church in your quest to seek and understand the Heart of God, or there may be small group of you.

A network of believers like New Dawn Chorus is there to help us all sing a fuller song, supported by each other.

Let’s herald in the Final Day together.

Celia for PCCC


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