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Coronavirus - what is God saying?

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

There have been a number of theories, opinions and media reports and some of us may have been perplexed, troubled or even fearful.

We at NDC are taking what we consider the ‘balanced approach’ by having faith in God, standing on His promises and doing our bit with prayer and taking practical advice such as washing hands, following the principles of self isolation practices and protecting the vulnerable.

We have also been looking to well known and trusted prophetic voices in our time to be as the Sons of Issachar discerning the times and the seasons.

Below are a few links that we hope will be helpful for you to glean from and pray into for your own journey with this.

We believe it is important that people do not feel isolated or filled with fear. And encourage you to look out for your family, neighbours and friends and offer them the hope, peace and security that only Jesus can give.

In His love,

Michelle, Rod and NDC core team

Links and videos for your consideration

Standing in faith against Coronavirus by Shaun Bolz

The Obedience of Faith Kris Vallotton's Podcast

Rod Anderson - facebook post about Coronavirus and our response as Christians

Lance Wallnau - facebook post about our response to Corona

Jason Dean - We're witnessing history

Charlie Shamp - What God's prophets are saying

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