Here are some links to other organisations and books that may be of interest 

Glory Tribe

God Unlimited

Plain Church Celtic Community

New Dawn Chorus Facebook page

Stevie McKie - a modern Christian mystic / prophetic voice from Scotland

He has travelled the world preaching and teaching about the governmental realms of God and stirring up hunger in people to believe for a much greater level of God than we have ever seen or experienced.  Stephen believes that God is about to move in such a powerful way that no previous move of God will compare, but for this to happen we need to learn the lessons of the men and women of old who taught us that the crucified life and a life fully surrendered to God is the only way to walk in such levels of power and authority.  

Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of COBH Ltd in the UK. Justin Paul is a futurist, transformational coach, popular podcaster and author, known for his joy-filled, expanding teachings on KAINOS (new) creation realities, engaging heaven, and union-prayer. 

http://www.companyof burning

Emma Stark and team at Glasgow Prophetic Centre, Scotland 

Jane Schroeder

Jane lives in Scotland UK and  has two precious grown up children. Jane is a prophetic seer passionate about prayer. She devotes her life to the heavenly realms. As an international speaker, writer and wild adventurer Jane releases people into the seer realm and destinies.

Jane longs to see heaven on earth with crazy awesome face to face encounters with her father, Abba God. She has a deep desire to see miracles signs and wonders in everyday life.

So in the spirit of the great revivalist Bill Johnson, Jane would love for us to ‘go after God with all we’ve got’ together on this crazy wild glorious adventure to see the wild islands arising and nations come into their destiny.

Lindi Leigh Forbes Masters (on Facebook)

Igniting fires of God's dominion across the nation and the globe.

The Dove Company Led by Graham and Lorna McNeill

The Dove Company is all about people living beyond the veil and seeing things from heaven's perspective. We must ascend into the heavenlies to see what the Father is doing (like Jesus did) and then release that on the earth as he directs us.

International Voices


Led by Ian Clayton, Grant Mahoney and Marios Ellinas. These men together with their wives are forerunners in building The Father’s Kingdom. They are pioneering global family, where love and honour are paramount to the foundation. They carry God’s wisdom and apostolic mandate to produce mature sons and daughters of God.

Their ministry The Foundation Nest is an online training programme with a three year programme and bitesize individual courses that train and equip The Body of Christ.


Daring to Share your Faith by Alison Fenning

A link to the FREE electronic book all about "How To" evangelism.

Alison says :- 

I have been teaching sessions on evangelism for years as well as being a practitioner both in the UK and overseas. After spending the last twenty years sharing my faith in various ways and teaching others this is an accumulation of the how too. Packed with lots of stories from over the years and thinking through how to begin something from nothing anyone who has a heart to have a go can pick some inspiration up and run with it.

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